Pinstripe Firefox Gallery

The newly released Mozilla Firefox 0.8 has a new look on Mac OS X. It is the first Firefox milestone to be released with the Pinstripe theme as the default. Here are a few screen shots.

Screen shots of Firefox on Windows can be found at Neil’s World.

Click on an image to see a full screenshot.

The main browser window

The Preferences dialog

Tab Browsing in action

The Add Bookmark dialog

The Bookmark Manager

The Download Manager

Tthe History sidebar

The Customize Toolbar dialog

80 thoughts on “Pinstripe Firefox Gallery

  1. I know many people hate brushed metal, but many other of us do like it! So the question is…
    Is there a chance of releasing a Brushed Metal version of the pinstripe theme? Or does it work with metalifier by unsanity?

  2. I downloaded Firefox .9 (Final) and to my dismay discovered your Pinstripe theme has been replaced with something else… Pls make your theme available for download. The default one bites.

  3. Is there any way to install the original colorful default theme back into FireFox? The pre-0.9 pre-0.8 version? I really liked that theme.

  4. i too would like to see pinstripe come back… or at least a grey [no colour] version of the default.

  5. Any chance of a “icons only” windows version? i.e. with all the same icons? just because you can’t make a “complete aqua” version for legal reasons / amount of work involved in ‘slicing images’ or whatever, doesn’t mean you can’t package up these icons in a windows/linux firefox theme

  6. I liked it, however I switched to the “smoke” theme for its cross browser support. Your excuse that apple legal will come down on you is kinda lame. Just release it as opensource. 🙂 ALso if there are any “mac” specific areas, just release the instructions for re-creating those items in photoshop. I really doubt there is any infringment unless you broke their copyright and actually lifted things from apple.

  7. Why isn’t this theme included with the newest version of Firefox? I downloaded 0.9 today and all it has is the default theme with big, giant, bright buttons. I hate it! I want my old Pinstripe theme back!

    Anyone know where I can download this theme?

  8. My apologies, I didn’t intend to take a “shot” at anyone. I’m a graphic designer and I take it personally when I read anything remotely critical of my own work. I do not want my comments to be misconstrued in such a way.

    To clarify, one of the reasons I use Firefox (and a Mac platform) is because the unobtrusive interface doesn’t compete with the colors in the work I create for the Web. When I’m designing and testing a site, I am able to evaluate my color scheme on a neutral background with the Pinstripe theme.

    While the icons of the new default theme aren’t as screaming as a bright blue Microsoft toolbar, they’re still rather large and stylized, which competes with some websites. I hope to stay the 0.8 until more themes are made available, or the creator of this beautiful, minimalistic theme makes the version with small gray buttons available as a download for a later version.

    It has been established that the theme will not be available for Windows, but is it possible that it will be available for the launch of Firefox 1.0?

  9. Nice theme. I hope it will become the default theme for Linux version of Thunderbird mail client as well.

  10. For some reason, my Firefox 1.0 toolbar shows different icons for previous, next, reload, stop and home. All the other parts seem to be from Pinstripe except those icons in the toolbar.

    Anybody knows what could be wrong?

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