Firefox 0.9 is out!

Firefox 0.9 has been released. This new version includes a lot of great features and optimizations as well as a new default theme.

Mac users will allso notice that the default theme also gets a set of Aqua icons to replace the previous “button” icons. The new icons are more consistent with the Aqua icon guidelines and are easier to hit with the mouse. They also work with the Windows default theme to create a unified look across platforms.

I will create a Graphite version soon. Oh, and before you ask me to put the old icons back, please turn on “small icons” and live with the new ones for a week. Then we’ll talk ๐Ÿ™‚


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  1. Well, I wasn’t expecting Pinstripe to change. This one is like your old Pinstripe beta that wasn’t released. At least it’s less Safari-like.

    Are you going to keep updating the 0.8 Pinstripe? please? ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I just downloaded the new release earlier and was surprised by the inclusion of the new theme. Although I wanted the old look back for a few moments, I do believe the โ€œmulti-platformโ€, unified look has started to grow on me. Thanks for the great work. I hope to see a common theme across the mozilla apps in the future.

  3. I haven’t installed it yet, but I’m glad to see color in the Mac theme. Any reason why the front/back buttons are the same color as the refresh?

  4. Well, I liked the previous buttons better, but I guess that’s just me. I feel the new ones look “cheaper” in some way than the previous ones. Oh well… maybe you can make them as a seperate release at some time.

  5. Bring back the old pinstripe theme from .8!!!! Please!!! I love that look. The new look is fine, but makes me think of a windows icon port. You do fantastic work, but let me have the option of at least using the old icons… Please!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Home icon = great
    Stop icon = great
    Back/forward = nice, but very blue
    Refresh = ok, but different colour and more rounded (as opposed to elliptical) shape would be better I think

  7. I don’t think the home button fits in Mac OS X. IMHO it should look exactly like the icon of the users home folder. “Stop” and “Reload” look great but “Back” and “Forward” seem to be too simple. Bookmarks icons are still looking awesome.

    What about native looking form controls? I would really like to see Aqua-widgets.

  8. I don’t know. It may be growing on me, maybe not. I love all the icons EXCEPT for the back, forward, refresh, stop, and home…

    And I do have all the icons viewing in a small size; although, when I was using the .8 icons I used the full size icons.

    Actually, the home icon is decent. But I don’t like the back, forward, refresh. Stop is ok. Just my .02

    I do appreciate the fact that someone is taking their own time to create and work on an OS X theme for firefox, so thank you for that!

  9. I love the work you’ve been doing for Firefox, it renders the browser actually watchable ๐Ÿ™‚

    On another note, I think your stop button look better in the Win screenshot with the big X on it. I think the Reload, Back and Forward icons are a little to simplistic. A real arrow would have been better imho, also the reload could be inspired by the Reply icon from Thunderbird.

    It is still the best theme around, the tabs are the must usable/beautiful I’ve seen in any theme.

  10. Well, this is very discouraging. I thought one of the top selling points of .8 was the new mac-like theme. What happened? Firefox for Mac has lost it’s mac-ness. It now looks like a Windows app ported for the Mac. The new icons are too simple, too bright and too cartoony. Its a shamefull day for Firefox on the Mac.

  11. my vote is that the Back/Forward buttons get changed from the current green to some shade of Firefox orange found in the logo/icon.

    eh? …could look nice.

  12. >> Firefox for Mac has lost it’s mac-ness. It now
    >> looks like a Windows app ported for the Mac.

    excuse me… where exactly are you looking? the new theme looks great and fits OSX wonderfully!

  13. It is to bad the old icons have gone. It was one of the main reasons to start using Firefox as my main Mac browser.

    These new icons look cheap and would indeed better fit on the Windows platform.

  14. This ‘unified look’ thing is absurd. Everyone knows that XP and OSX are irrevocably different and taking an iconic middle ground will just lead to a half-rate UI on all platforms. Didn’t the Mozilla Suite teach you guys that fact? I agree that the new Pinstripe icons are the best choice, but their windows counterparts are just plain yuck on that platform. The winstripe idea needs to be chunked and a return to the drawing board is needed with just XP UI correctness in mind, not this unification crap. Yeah, Winstripe is still early in development, but the concept behind the theme will just plain not work. So sitting around and waiting for the theme to mature is near idiotic because it is going to mature into a bastardized child of OSX and XP unless the whole concept changes.

    Of course, no one will listen to the hardcore Mozilla community…and 99.9% of the time Ben and Co. would be wise to do that, but this time they are 100% wrong – no doubt about it. All of you guys are _excellent_ artist that far exceed my ability, but most of the Fx community seem to have a better idea of what an XP apps should look like in comparsion to the current rendition of winstripe. Personally, I think the Phoenity artist should be given a chance at the default theme…he seems to grasp the XP UI concept very well.

  15. Right… Taking icon concepts from one platform to another is doomed to failure, no matter what. It is unsalvageable. We should probably just trash everything we have done so far because we are never going to get these icons shoehorned into XP. I finally see the light, thank you.

    Look a dead horse! Quick, beat it! I am amazed at the continual bitching about this subject.

    Constructive criticism has been taken. Reoccurring concerns are being addressed, but not everything will change, nor should everything change. People keep saying that it doesn’t fit in well with XP, I would like to know what applications that they are using that fit in perfectly with XP? Applications that fit in even a little? Applications that fit in with Luna and Classic? Aside from the applications that come with Windows, there are maybe a handful of third-party applications that even make an attempt to conform to the XP look. Most of the bundled applications are inconsistent within themselves.

    Firefox needs its own look, something that has a common theme among platforms and something that looks nice in a variety of different scenarios. “Winstripe” needs some extra XP attention and tweaking, but to say that icon subject matter can’t survive the trip from one OS to another is nonsense.

  16. But its not just XP. It doesn’t work for OS X either. Why fix something that wasn’t broken?

  17. Why not?

    Who says it wasn’t broken? Qute had licensing issues, so it was in fact broken in regards to continued use in Firefox. Which of course is how this all came about in the first place.

    Those icons that “don’t work well for OS X”, were in fact designed for OS X first, a long time ago before settling on the “button” look.

  18. Ah, Mozilla has and always will largely ignore user opinion. And thats whats going to happen in this case. But, it should tell you something when Mac users and Windows users actually agree on something. They agree this theme is not the answer. (IMO, looks like a flat, rainbow-colored version of Mac IE 5) And with the small number of themes for Firefox Mac, its even worse. Well, at least Mac users have Camino.

  19. Providing a cross-platform identity is secondary to the goal of providing the best experience on each platform. But we will do both to the extent that we can.

  20. I think in the future I will run all theme decisions by the “community”. That way we could have the best possible theme ever! I am sure we could get everyone to agree on something. It would probably be done in record time too.

    As a fall back method I will take a random sampling of internet posts because they represent all possible user opinion. With anonymous cowards and first posters having the most weight.

  21. Your sarcasm is f***ing hilarious. Someone doesn’t like your half-baked theme and you resort to insults. Have you read the opinions on mozillazine yet. Most are downloading Qute immediately to ‘make the browser usable.’ So don’t be an ass. Take criticism and ignore it like Ben and the rest of the team.

  22. As Anonymous Coward your “criticism” get first priority. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Man some people are sensitive.

  23. First of all I’d just like to say how much I think we all appreciate your work on the Mac OS X Pinstripe theme for both Firefox and Thunderbird. All your icon work is of a very high quality IMO.

    Your new theme is pretty good and will presumably get better with polishing. However, the reason some people are upset about the change is that frankly, they were almost head over heels in love with the old one from first sight.

    I realise there is a lot of politics involved in giving Firefox a unified look and feel, however, you must at least see some people’s point of view on the simple fact that no OS is quite alike and making a theme that will blend flawlessly with all of them is incredibly difficult.

    On a side note, the new Windows Firefox theme is simply not as good (yet) as the old Qute theme, which did have flaws itself, admittedly (never got on with the refresh button). However, I think it will actually be better in the long run than Qute so I’m willing to give it the benefit of the doubt.

    Here comes the big crunch though. Qute is still available, old pinstripe is not. Is it technically feasible to release a different icon pack for the hardcore pinstripe lovers? Opensource is about choice and I think people should be able to use either icon set as they see fit.

    I will tentatively support the continual usage of the new pinstripe, I hope you take into account the constructive criticisms already made.

  24. Count me in with the folks who were a bit disappointed after seeing the inclusion of Winstripe in FF 0.9. Now don’t get me wrong – this theme is not ugly. It’s quite well done and (imho) more consistent than many of the previous themes.

    But and this is my primary complaint – they are not OS X icons. For example, if you compare the icons from Winstripe with the Finder’s toolbar icons you’ll see that Winstripe seems rather flat and weak in comparison.

    Branding and software interfaces is quite a tricky topic – Personally, I as a user do not want the Firefox brand forced upon me every time I look at or interact with the browsers’ toolbar. I (as I’m sure many people did) love the Mac OS because of the consistency of its user interface – regardless of what app I’m using things (usually) look and work in familiar ways.

    KDE, Windows XP and OS X all have their own distinctive look and feel (= branding) – imagine if every piece of software introduced its own (different) look and feel, forcing the user to adapt to a slightly different standard whenever he/she switches between apps – I’m not sure how desirable that would be.

    From my POV Firefox (or any software brand, for that matter) should attempt to create their branding through the use of distinct symbols and then adapt their style according to the guidelines of each major Desktop environment.

    Communicating a consistent branding message doesn’t equal and/or require forced uniformity ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Indeed I agree with what eff has said, I think its also important to note the incredible branding of the Firefox and Thunderbird icons – they simply rule IMHO. Very recognisable and very nicely drawn indeed.

    Is this not branding enough?

  26. I am a professional designer / art director, and while I do appreciate all the hard work put into the new theme (and I have tried it in “small icon” mode) I tend to agree with those that prefer the theme in version 0.8. Maybe it is just the fact that the graphite mono-tone 0.8 version gives the feel of a unified interface and does not compete (and cause clutter) with the content displayed in the web page. Maybe it is the fact that the “buttonized” 0.8 version icons create a clean horizontal line aligned with the URL/address field. Whatever the reason, I do prefer the 0.8 version…not that the 0.9 is neccessarily bad, I just think 0.8 is better. Then again, design is always subjective. I do hope you choose to release the 0.8 version as a packaged, downloadable theme for 0.9 browser users and grant us the option to choose.

  27. I own both a mac and a pc and I appreciate the work going into making the program uniform across platforms while still blending in with the environment it is running in. I don’t think its an impossible task and from the work done thus far, it seems very achievable.

    It just seems to me that much of the outbursts from parts of the community concerning some recent decisions happened merely because they caught everyone by surprise. People have a tendency to become attached to something they use daily and like so when it changes suddenly people seem to panic.

    For example “Winstripe” just came out of the blue when people downloading were probably expecting qute. Their reacting seems to be like OMG What did they do?

    The same thing happened with the Pinstripe changes. People did not see it coming and had a similar reaction.

    So what I am thinking might avoid all the unnecessary noise is not really getting approval from the community for every change but sort of like a warning shot or some kind of preview so people know something is coming and donโ€™t have the OMG reaction. Maybe like a screen shot of the changes you are going to make and people can sort of have in mind whatโ€™s coming. Itโ€™s just a suggestion.

    Anyway I hope all of this uproar isnโ€™t getting you discouraged because what you are doing is important to the success of Firefox and I really dig the new theme, it has lots of potential.

    That’s all I have to say. Don’t know if it makes any sense to anyone else but it’s what I think.

  28. Another voice calling for the return of the original Pinstripe design. I’m actually surprised that there’s even a question but the the “button” icons are a better fit for the Mac desktop, and I came here expecting (yes, honestly expecting) to hear that the original Mac-style pinstripe would be coming back… at least as a downloadable theme if not a “standard option” the way Mozilla comes with “Modern” and “Classic”. How about that, as a compromise?

    I had been considering switching to Firefox as my main browser, after 0.8+/0.9RC fixed the problems I was having with the extensions, even if it’s a little more sluggish than Safari on my G4/466… but I can’t stand leaving it open now, so that’s obviously not an option. *sigh*

  29. It’s amazing that Safari has only been available for about fifteen months, but so many of the Firebird 0.9 complainers are convinced that its little square buttons are the only proper controls for a Mac webbrowser. How did we ever manage to surf the web back then?

  30. Anonymous? I haven’t been posting anonymously. I find the sarcasm by Stephen disturbing. I understand that a lot of work had been put into the new theme, but I think the biggest outcry isn’t that the theme sucks, but that you guys took away a theme that people loved. Loved. All you have to do is say, sure, that’s not going to be the default theme, but at somepoint we’ll package it up as an additional theme. To not mention the .8 theme and deride people for there shock that the .8 theme isn’t and may no longer be is a sad state of affairs. Isn’t that the point? It’s a theme? I’m sure it would have been taken better and there would have been less bitching by people if the old .8 theme was still available. But at this point in time you guys are stating, nope, we don’t care if you don’t like it, you’ll have to eat the theme that we feed you and you’ll have to like it. Very microsoftian. You’ll take what we give you and like it, or else.

    As I said before, I love the fact that you guys are working hard on themes, and good ones. But don’t discard the old ones that people love. And don’t deride people who are in shock that you may be throwing away and no longer making available the theme that they loved, and that made them set firefox as their default browser.

    Personally, I may go back to safari. Sad to say, but the .8 theme actually caused me to use Firefox as my primary browser. I’ve tried helping out with bugs when I could, but if the very fact that someone doesn’t agree with your icon set that you have determined is the end all be all icon set and must deride said person then what’s the point of having the community involved with this. Wait, maybe that’s your point, you feel like it’s not a community product, that it’s not something that everyone else should be involved in. You must have some sort of knowledge that this is the best thing for the direction, and that there isn’t any other option or glimmer of hope that you can throw out to the end users.

    Since that appears to be the case, you can count me out as a potential firefox 1.x user. The technology is great, the interface used to be superb, (not saying the current set is bad, cuz it’s good, just not as good as the .8 set for the mac) but if the development community is so snooty then you can count me out of using firefox and mozilla since voicing an opinion is only deserving of derisiveness.

    Back to safari. You can count me out of the mozilla community since the mozilla project apparently can’t handle the constructive criticism being put out there by users that love the product.

  31. I like the new version. The previous version made the same UI mistakes seen in Safari’s toolbar icons, which fail to use shape and color to effectively differentiate icons.

    Kevin and Stephen: Keep up the great work!

  32. The problem I have isn’t the shape, it’s the color. The native Mac theme is relatively monochrome to begin with, and I’ve pared down the palette of my Mac further using themes like Milk and replacing common icons so that where there *is* color it’s information, not just decor.

    A “Winstripe Graphite” would probably do as well, but the old Pinstripe already exists and works well, so why discard it?

    Ideally, of course, Firefox wouldn’t use themes, it’d use native widgets everywhere and would automatically match the native look and feel. But since I don’t have JWZ’s audio-cock technology at hand, I have to make do with themes that are minimally jarring.

  33. I remember people complaining when the .8 Pinstripe theme was introduced, they liked the Pinstripe beta better, because it was more “Mac-like.”

  34. Mr. Horlander personally verbally raped my reply…yay, I’m special. You know, I may be overreacting but only time will tell. You guys do get paid to do this stuff, so you might know a little bit about the subject…but if I’m right I expect restitution for emotional damages. ๐Ÿ™‚

    BTW: Longhorn seems to be changing the UI so much that all this fighting and work will be of no-use in a few years. Damn you Microsoft, decide on a UI style already!

  35. I think Winstripe looks like it is going to be a great theme, even if it isn’t quite there yet.

    However, leave Pinstripe alone! The old icons were perfect, very Aqua. These new ones aren’t quite as slick and Aqua-like. Can you at the very least continue to make the old version available?

  36. What a bunch of whiny children.

    For those threatening to switch to Camino (or any other browser) because of the design of an easily changeable default theme, an appropriate quote from their lead developer’s website:

    “Another thing that really pisses me off is that there are tons of things in Camino’s UI that need improving (the download manager comes to mind among a long list of other things) but I just don’t have the time. Oh, I’m sorry, I have a life and a job. However, that doesn’t seem to be enough for some people, who repeatedly insist (or dare I say, threaten) these shortcomings be fixed or they’ll go use a different browser. See this? This is me giving you the finger. Get over yourself. I have.”

  37. Dave: the problem isn’t “the design of an easily changable default theme”, it’s the abandonment of a great theme. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the default or not, it matters that it’s now gone. The Pinstripe theme doesn’t exist any more.

    And characterising “the Pinstripe theme was so good that it made me consider switching to Firefox even though it’s slower than Safari” as some kind of threat… um…

  38. the new icons are nice and professional looking, but all of the different colors are an unecessary distraction on osx. the point of viewing a web page is to view the content of the web page — these new icons compete with that content. yes, even at the small size. i would definitely welcome an all graphite version of the icons (including home and stop). in the meantime, could you please bundle up the 0.8 pinstripe theme so i can install it in 0.9?

  39. I love your work, and i really think people here are flaming you for the wrong reasons.

    However, i’d love to be able to run the firefox0.8 theme in 0.9 again too, i think i saw you post something about it being available in a week or so so i guess this post is unneccesary – but anyway, keep up the good work. I like the new theme but i loved the old one, congrats for making the best damn browser-UI i’ve seen, ever.

    Rock on

  40. Please bring back the old Buttons. Txs. Dont let the win&lin unifiers bully you. You know whats goot for the Mac folks ๐Ÿ™‚


  41. I think iconic consistency across platforms is ridiculous; the Winstripe versions on Windows and Mac OS X aren’t even the same! OS X has a supposedly “Aquafied” version, but the Back and Forward buttons are different colors (blue on OS X, green on Windows), and they bow to the operating systems conventions of how do display inactive controls (faded vs. gray scale).

    Let the consistent workflow of the application be the unifying factor between Windows, OS X, and Linux.

    From a graphical standpoint, those three environments look nothing alike. They have their own widgets, their own style; Mozilla shouldn’t be imposing some watered-down icon mash on everyone. The Winstripe theme even incorporates some of these variations, but still thrusts the same icons onto every platform.

    I like the look of Winstripe… but the name is a dead-giveaway that it doesn’t belong on my PowerBook or any OS X machine. Unfortunately, there it is in the new 0.9 official release.

    When will I be able to install Pinstripe for Firefox on my Mac? I’ll give the “Graphite” version of this Winstripe theme a chance, but I’d prefer the glossy, rounded-rectangles of the original Pinstripe.

    And when will the Mozilla Visual Identity Team realize that they’re job is NOT to dictate what widgets look good in my toolbar? Focus on the application icons (which are beautiful, seriously), make a splash screen if you have to, but understand that an application’s “look and feel” shouldn’t override the graphical style of the operating system.

  42. (Kevin, feel free to delete my post if you think this is not the appropriate place to mention this)

    No blogwh*ring intended – but as long as you’re using Mac OS X and would like the old Pinstripe back in FF 0.9, feel free to head on over to my site – I’ve put together a quick illustrated “guide” on how to put the good old Pinstripe back into Firefox. I’ve been running this mod all day long without even the slightest problem. ๐Ÿ™‚ As always, though – ymmv.

  43. Ok, fine. I’m still using firefox today even though I ranted yesterday. I followed eff’s quick illustrated “guide” and restored the icon set to .8 using his classic.jar replacement suggestion.

    Thanks eff. Again, the new theme is nice, but I just don’t love it like I do the .8 theme; notwithstanding, I’ve not been trying to bash the work that’s been done, but the attitude for which any comments that were negative about the work have been taken.

    Again, you guys do great work and it is appreciated.

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