Mac Firefox Icon Update

I just checked in new revisions of the back, forward, reload and stop icons for Mac Firefox by icon wizard Stephen Horlander. These new buttons attempt to address the critics of the previous set, and they share their shapes with the Windows Firefox theme. We went with a more colorful toolbar this time instead of making the nav icons all blue. This will probably be the final major change before Firefox 1.0 is released.


[ Update: Download the latest Firefox nightly build to see the new icons ]

56 thoughts on “Mac Firefox Icon Update

  1. Still waiting for the promised graphite theme. Still installing that 08/09 hybrid with every new version. Sigh.

  2. macskeeball–thanks…I couldn’t find any such comments. But I appreciate the grounds for optimism anyway.

  3. I think this is excellent. I think one of the most important things to making Firefox a well accepted and used broswer across all platforms is to have it look and feel the same across all platforms, since end users like to feel comfortable with something they know. My only question is: were the faint stipples that make up a major part of the Aqua UI phased out for this theme? I can’t tell from the picture, but I think that is one of the more important visual features on a Mac platform, since it makes the program seem more Mac-like.

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