Pinstripe for Firefox: Now with 20% more Macintosh

This update to the stand-alone Pinstripe theme turned out to be more of a redesign than I originally intended. Stephen Horlander sent in a cool concept for the browser tabs. Check out the etched text on the inactive tabs. You’ll see some of the other details in the screenshot below. The theme has some rough edges but should be usable. As always I appreciate your feedback.

Click on the thumbnail for a full screenshot.

Install the Pinstripe Theme (requires Firefox 2.0RC1 or later on Mac OS X)

155 thoughts on “Pinstripe for Firefox: Now with 20% more Macintosh

  1. Thank you very much. It seemed to me that the forward/back in the default theme were too small to hit and I didn’t like that the home icon looked “rusty”.

  2. This is fantastic. I enjoy it quite a lot over the standard FFX2 theme.

    Any reason you weren’t working on the new default theme refresh btw?

  3. Any reason you werenÒ€ℒt working on the new default theme refresh btw?

    Originally my day job was leaving me with little free time to contribute to Firefox. These days I’m not interested in participating in the closed theme design process driven by Mozilla Corp. and their contractors.

  4. Well, thanks for your effort all the same. I hope you keep Pinstripe updated for 2.0 and beyond, this looks great πŸ™‚

  5. thank god. the new 2.0 theme icons are so dull and lame. this is the best mac theme i’ve ever used. like the sharp tabs.

  6. _beautiful_ work, and many thanks. FF is a necessity for my job (web development), but sometimes it feels frustratingly alien on OS X. Your theme makes a big dent in this issue. (And oh my lord is the FF2 default Mac theme a big step back!)

    I hope you reconsider working with the Mozilla folks on the default Mac theme — if only so the majority of Mac FF users get the benefit of your excellent work.

    And any case — I wish you all the best. I spend a lot of my life (too much, probably) looking at the world through a browser. Your work makes it a prettier picture… πŸ™‚

  7. Kevin,

    You’ve just made Firefox on Mac useable again; now all we need is aqua/ cocoa widgets, and we’re away…

  8. I really like this theme and wish to use it as my default. Though for some reason once I install it on my PC any drop down menus such as the ones used for live RSS feed bookmarks show up in black, subsequently making them unreadable. Is this a commonly known problem with the theme? It’s so annoying because it’s a fantastic looking theme.

  9. Sickr, Pinstripe was made for a Mac. It uses some Mac-specific Mozilla css extensions. I have no plans to do a Windows port but if someone wants to try to port it to Windows I’d be glad to help.

  10. Aha thank you for clearing that up. It’s a shame that it’s only Mac-specific as I’m sure there are a number of PC owners out there who would love this theme. Hopefully someday it will make a welcome appearance.

  11. It’s tempting to use this theme on Windows despite the loss of functionality. It really is impressive.

  12. Umm, Earth to Firefox developers… Earth to
    Firefox developers! This should be the 2.0
    default theme. Schmucks.

  13. Great tab look! Any chance you bundle your efforts with the folks developing the GrApple themes to make the toolbar more Safari like? I’d think that their icons combined with your tabs would make the greatest look we ever had for a Mac browser!

  14. bob, I wouldn’t be so quick to insult the Firefox developers. They are doing excellent work and Firefox 2 is a fine browser.

  15. I managed to manually un-blue the tabs, but now I was wondering about one more user edit: would it be possible to move the close tab button to the right side of the tab?

  16. I like the new theme, but agree with the other posts about the blue highlight on the tabs. I also would like to see a variant without the blue/purple down state on the bookmark bar items. To be ‘savvy’ the down state should be a dark gray like the default Firefox 2 theme. The find interface however, is great. =)

  17. I use this theme on Windows Xp…

    Someone needs to port this, its just so goddamn nice, and anice FF theme is hard to come by.. Os X gets all the nice UI

  18. Actually, I’d like the opposite. I like Pinestripes’ less safari-like buttons and the awesome tabs, but I miss all the GrApple extras for the sidebar and extensions like Sage, Web Developer Toolbar, Scrapbook, etc.

    Now that GrApple seems to have discontinued their “Pro” series, in favor of the safari-like Eos, I hope a combined theme is in the cards in the near future.

  19. I hate the half-blue tabs. It would have been much better if you had simply made the old pinstripe theme compatible with ff 2.0.

  20. I have installed the Pinstripe theme on my wiondows machine but it has removed acess toall the windows for options etc.. now I can’t uninstall the theme because don’t know how to gewt to add-ons. Can anyone out there help me get back to a usable firefox?

  21. Hi,
    Just wanted to say I love this new theme. The subtle glow on the tabs is simply very nice. It’s topped only by the beauty of the sidebar–which has led me to change my browsing habits, getting rid of the “bookmarks toolbar” entirely and adding the “bookmarks sidebar” button to my toolbar so that I can see it often. Very nice.

    I was just in Thunderbird, though, and couldn’t help but think how nice the sidebar treatment would look on the “Folders” pane. Any chances of seeing a Thunderbird Pinstripe update? Might this be an update coming to Thunderbird 2.0, or are you no longer working on that theme, either? (BTW, I’ve looked and not been able to find the answer anywhere: they’re not making Qute the default Thunderbird theme for OSX, are they?)

    Finally, for all the nay-sayers who say “nay,” do you have any plans to open up the artwork changes from this update like you did back in July?
    This move would allow people to repackage different color themes (blue, graphite, etc.) and take some of the (practically non-existent, I must admit) pressure off of you.

    Anyway, to reiterate, thank you for such a lovely theme!

  22. Thanks for the compliments jmc and everyone πŸ™‚

    jmc, I just got an email from Scott MacGregor and I will be helping out with polishing up the Thunderbird 2 theme and I’ll see if I can sneak in some upgrades like the sidebar treatment you mentioned.

    I’m also working on setting up a Wiki where people can contribute ideas, feedback and maybe even artwork and code as we develop the theme.

  23. Hey Chad,

    You’ll want to start Firefox in Safe Mode. In the Start > All Programs > Mozilla Firefox folder there should be an icon named Mozilla Firefox (Safe Mode).

    If you don’t have such an icon, right-click on whatever Firefox icon you can find, choose properties, and change the text in the TARGET box to be this:

    “C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe” -safe-mode

    Good luck!

  24. I love this theme. I would really love it if you could make a variant with tabs like those in Aronnax’s GrApple (default) theme for FF1.5.

    This was by far my favorite theme because it has the default icons which I prefer and great looking tabs. Since Aronnax is discontinuing this theme maybe you could build these tabs into your theme (please!!).

  25. I really like this, except for the blue tint on the active tab and lack of icons in the bookmarks toolbar. If those two issues were resolved I’d definitely use this theme.

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  27. Thank you for making this theme. The only thing I’m not really a big fan of is the icon in the search bar with the dark border around it. It doesn’t look Mac-like (the circle should just be a knocked-out solid gray color) and it doesn’t match the icon in the Find toolbar (which is the magnifying glass without a circle around it). And is it just me or is there a purple shade over the active tab?

  28. When I try to download this I am getting an error, It says that it is download error -228. Is there something I can try?

  29. Dumb question: Why is this amazing theme not available through the official “Firefox add-ons” site? For most people that is their primary (or even unique) source for FF themes.

  30. My other suggestion for this theme is with the highlight color when the addressbar and search bar are in focus. All my other programs have the focus be a blue color that matches the blue of the scrollbar pill. I feel like the shade you’re using is more of a purple? Reminds of of OS 9’s folder icons. I think the blue would make it fit in with the overall OS better. And also, is there no standard for the blue background color that you use for the Find Bar and the History sidebar? I’m noticing that Mail has a different color from iTunes which has a different color than NetNewswire which has a different color from your theme (though your themes tilt more towards the purple side).

    Other than that I want to thank you again for making this theme. The more I use it the more I notice the little details, like the Find bar, that you thought through very well.

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  32. This theme is amazing, its simple yet it still catches the eye. Could you maybe port it so it will work with Windows? I tried messing around with the css file to get it to work and I couldn’t figure it out.

  33. Kevin, are you still working on the theme? I would really like to see some updates πŸ™‚

  34. Thanks for the excellent theme. Subtle update, but it just feels so much more integrated into OS X.

    Currently testing the new builds of CocoaFox (i.e. Firefox 3.0.1a), but your theme unfortunately won’t install on it… Is it possible for you to fix it without devoting too much time?

    I also suggested to Mozilla that they add your theme as standard for the new 3.0 releases. (Hopefully for 2.0 as well, but that probably won’t happen.)

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