About Pinstripe

Pinstripe is a Mozilla theme made to match the look and feel of a native Mac OS X application. Please try Pinstripe and send me some feedback.

Why is Pinstripe Mac OS X only?

There are a few reasons that I won't extend the Pinstripe theme to be compatible with Windows and Linux:

1) My goal with Pinstripe is to make Mozilla look and feel like it belongs on the Mac OS X desktop. Mozilla's existing themes don't fit the bill exactly. Classic comes close by drawing the widgets with nsTheme, but it looks unpolished in many places. My assumption is that because Classic must serve as a theme for the Mac OS 8/9 version of Mozilla as well as a Mac OS X theme, it cannot be modified to conform to the Aqua HI Guidelines.

2) Mozilla themes are usually made by manipulating images, border and background colors etc to achive the desired look. The Pinstripe theme uses an API provided by Mozilla called nsTheme to draw the widgets. This API allows Pinstripe to draw the widgets and some backgrounds using the Mac's Appearance Manager . So the operating system draws most of the theme. Obviously the Appearance Manager does not exist on Windows or Linux, so Pinstripe will not have the Aqua-like appearance on those platforms.

3) The above means that if I were inclined to create a version of Pinstripe for Windows or Linux, I would have to use the regular Mozilla theming method of using slices of images to create an exact copy of the Aqua interface. This would be infringing on Apple's copyrighted work and I have no desire to tangle with their legal department.